Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Cleared #Salesforce Platform App Builder- Sharing Experience

Hi everyone. I have cleared the Platform App Builder transition exam and want to share my experience with you all.

If you are preparing for Platform App Builder exam and you have experience in Salesforce configurations then I think  2 weeks are enough to prepare for this certification exam. I have DEV401, so for me its 30 minutes exam, having 20 questions. For those who don't have DEV401, they have 90 minutes exam, having 60 questions. You can get all the details from App Builder Study Guide provided by Salesforce.

Before going for the Platform App Builder certification exam, you must know about the following topics:
  1. Lightning App Builder and its components.
  2. Relationships and their properties.
  3. Order of execution.
  4. Types of Sandboxes.
  5. Managed vs Unmanaged Packages
  6. Overview of Salesforce Automation.
  7. Record Types
  8. External Objects.
  9. App Exchange
  10. Social Accounts and Person Accounts.
Last but not the least, you must practice these things in Trailhead. Its the best way for preparation of this certification exams. While practicing in Trailhead, you get the pdf & videos related to these topics. So keep trailing.

All the best for those who are going for the certification. Keep learning Salesforce !!