Monday, 12 October 2015

Build your First App using Lightning App Builder

Here is the tutorial for creating a basic app using Lightning app builder.
While Creating a Lightning App Builder following steps we have to follow:

  1. In the Setup menu, select **Build -> Lightning App Builder**
  2. Click New under Lightning Pages to start Lightning App Builder
  3. Select the template according to the requirements
  4. In the Create a New Lightning Page pop-up, set the value Label: My First App and click finish.
Now the page looks like:

Here you can toggle between Phone and Tablet (or Tablet Landscape) and set the template according to your requirements .Each templates behaves differently when preview mode changes.

The canvas is an area where you can build your Lightning page.You can add components by dragging components from the left sidebar.You can add standard as well as custom components.

Properties for the currently selected item. This can either be for the page itself, in which case the title will indicate Page. Otherwise you can set properties for individual components. In this instance the title will indicate Page > [SelectedComponent].
You can also select the Actions (only Global publisher actions are allowed) for this page. 

You can add Rich Text also in Lightning Page in which you can set the size, font or you can bold , italic, etc the words also and add it in the canvas area.

And finally you can Save and Activate this page. Save the current definition of your app. Activate adds your app the the Salesforce1 Mobile navigation. Back To Setup exits Lightning App Builder and returns you to the list of Lightning Apps. Help launches the online help for Lightning App Builder.

Hope it helped.


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