Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Using FLOW from an Object-Specific Action (Beta) - Salesforce Winter'18 ☃️

We can add FLOWS to the action menu on your Lightning pages     
without hunting down the Flow’s URL. When we create a flow 
action, we can pick from a list of available flows rather than
enter the flow URL manually.  As of now its in beta, so soon we will have more updates on this feature.

Flow actions can’t be global actions, and they can’t be deployed 
to other orgs, such as with packaging.

This feature is available in the Lightning Experience and all versions 
of Salesforce1 mobile app.

For this, the FLOW which you are using in the Flow Actions, 
must be active and have Screens.

Steps for Creating Flow Action and adding it into the Object:

I have just created a FLOWS on Opportunity object to show how the FLOWS worked when we add this into the Actions.

Below is my activated FLOW on the Opportunity object where I am creating a new record.

After that, we will create a Flow Action. For this go to Setup -> Object (Standard/Custom on which you have created your FLOW) -> Buttons,Links, and Actions ->  New Actions 

Here is my new FLOW Action on opportunity object:

You can add flow actions to an object’s page layout using the page layout editor. To see your org’s flow actions in the page layout editor, check out the Salesforce1 & Lightning Actions category in the palette.

You can see, my "Quick Create" Flow action is added into my Opportunity object.

Here’s how that action appears in the Salesforce1 action bar for Opportunities.

Here is the demo of how records are creating in Opportunities object using this "Quick Create" Flow action.

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Stay tuned 📣 for more Winter'18 features.

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